Dictionaries and Thesauruses Pt. 1

It’s time for a resource post!

The folks over at Беларуская Палічка, an online library for Belarusian texts, have an awesome list of encyclopedias, dictionaries, phrase books, and more. The site is in Belarusian, so if you’re just starting out it might be helpful to run the site through a web translator. You can use this link or click on “Слоўнікі, энцыкляпэдыі” from the homepage to get to the list of resources I’m discussing here.

Энцыкляпэдыі is exactly what it says on the tin: it is a list of encyclopedias.

Слоўнікі is a list of dictionaries/thesauruses. There are three resources here of interest for English speakers.

  • “Webster’s Belarusan - English Thesaurus Dictionary” by Philip Parker is a Belarusian to English thesaurus with 7,502 entries.
  • “Ангельска-беларускі слоўнік” by Валентына Пашкевіч is an English (American) to Belarusian (Taraskievica) thesaurus with 30,000 entries.
  • “Англійска-беларускі слоўнік” by Тамара Суша is an English (British) to Belarusian thesaurus with 60,000 entries.

I had this sitting in my queue for about two months, so I figured I would just publish it and work on Pt. 2 later. Enjoy!